Because preschool lays the foundation of learning, we offer a child-centered program that fosters creativity and growth through hands-on learning.  Lessons learned in preschool stay with students throughout life.  

Our preschool students are engaged through activities that encourage social and emotional growth, gross-motor skills, fine-motor skills, and the exploration of language and expression through art, dramatic play, and centers.  Each day students have ample time to learn through play and activities are often tailored to the interests of the children.  Our program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach which is an Italian early childhood philosophy.  

How is NPES's Preschool Unique?

  • The preschool teachers provide the students with a variety of small group learning experiences to facilitate each individual learner.
  • Our teachers work collaboratively to design daily plans that push students to the next level.
  • We have a dedicated art teacher who works with the students to understand, analyze, and create art.
  • Social and emotional learning is a priority and carries with our students as they mature into young adults.  In preschool, students learn solutions to common preschool problems, expected behavior for school, and they establish routines.  
  • Two way communication between parents and teachers is valued and encouraged.
  • Because of our small size, teachers get to know students individually and their unique learning styles so they can work with that student according to their needs.  
  • As long as the temperature is over 20 degrees, students play outside everyday.  
  • Parents and other family members are encouraged to share their passions and talents by volunteering in the classroom.


[On the last day of school] I’m going to miss being a day family! --Phoebe

I like my teachers.  I give them hugs sometimes.  They are nice. I love them.  When I see them I bounce on their tummies.  I love them.  –Aidan

Kids should come to this preschool, because you learn a lot of stuff.  You learn how to write letters. You get to write in your journal.  You get to draw stuff.  You get to keep your journal. --Jake

We do yoga.  We put our mats down on the floor and we do yoga.  I like it, because we get to use the tickle bowl.   Yoga is fun!  --AJ


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