Shining Moments

NPES students are recognized for their incredible ability to articulate their learning. We feel strongly about fostering this vital skill in all students and provide many opportunities for oral and written explanation throughout the years and across content areas. The school is often applauded for graduates who are incredibly adept at public speaking and who are able to present their knowledge and understanding in an impressive way.

While students are given myriad opportunities to stand out every day, the annual Shining Moment experience greatly contributes to our students’ abilities to speak confidently about a topic and present their learning with the broader community. While they take a variety of forms—from plays, speeches, skits, and movies to interactive simulations and creative representations—all shining moments are culminating events that celebrate a months-long study and allow students to “shine.”

Examples of recent topics by class include:

  • Kindergarten: What are the components of a successful community?
  • 1st grade: What does American patriotism mean to me?
  • 2nd grade: How do the five themes of social studies define the elements of a state?
  • 3rd grade: How does immigration impact my life and society?
  • 4th grade: How can we tell the American story through the experiences of American heroes?
  • 5th grade: How do human choices impact the environment?
  • 6th-8th grade: What passion will I explore and learn about deeply?


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