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I am delighted that you’re considering NPES for your family. Our faculty and staff inspire curiosity in students, teaching them to wonder, inquire, listen, think critically, express themselves, collaborate, problem-solve, design, create, stay well, and work toward greater equity and justice in their communities. From Preschool through 8th Grade, NPES students are actively and joyfully engaged in the life of their school, developing a sense of belonging and pride that serves as the foundation for a challenging yet supportive academic program, and a variety of enriching and fun extracurricular athletics.

NPES students have voice, they have agency, and they excel after graduation, in high school and beyond. Our talented and dedicated teachers know their students well as learners and as unique and beautiful human beings, challenging them, supporting them, and honoring them for who they are. At North Park, students grow toward self-fulfillment in a community context, connected in healthy, affirming, and meaningful ways to something larger than themselves. In the end, we all need that connection and the purpose it brings. And it’s the context in which children grow to accept greater challenges and pursue their best authentic selves, developing strong skills and conceptual understandings, as well as self-esteem and confidence, as they mature.

If this engaging community-based approach to schooling appeals to you, I encourage you to contact Director of Admissions Anne Zagotta to learn more about NPES at an upcoming admissions coffee or personal tour. We would love to show you what makes North Park Elementary School such a special place in which children can learn and grow.

Best wishes,
John Novick, Jr.
Head of School

For more from Mr. Novick, check out one of the articles below recently published in NPES’ weekly newsletter for families, Shark Bites.

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