NPES students love to be challenged, and our curriculum does just that! Through our inquiry-based approach, children are immersed in meaningful, relevant and increasingly complex challenges that inspire creativity and encourage intellectual curiosity. Students are empowered to take risks, think independently, and work collaboratively. Teachers build on individual interests and abilities to lead students through ever-expanding circles of knowledge, skill development, and social competence.

What makes the NPES curriculum so effective?

Our students, parents, and families
NPES attracts families looking for a tight-knit community, a nurturing environment and a high-quality curriculum. Parents are partners in their child’s education—and children come to school full of potential and eager to learn.

Our teachers
All of our exceptionally committed and creative faculty are subject matter and child development experts. As lifelong learners, they participate in regular professional development and stay current on the latest research and best practices in education.

Our methods
To enhance learning and engage students, we incorporate a wide range of methods, tools and technologies. Varied groupings, a mix of lesson formats, cross-grade learning and co-curricular integration, as well as the latest technology, all enrich the curriculum. And small class sizes allow us to individualize instruction to address different needs and learning styles.

Authentic assessment
To keep tabs on progress, students are frequently assessed, formally and informally, through portfolios, student self-assessment, project fairs, oral and written assignments, observations, quizzes and tests, and digital presentations.

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