Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


the variety of human identities represented in our community


cultivating a just community in which power is shared


intentional efforts to ensure that all have voice and develop a sense of belonging

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to our school’s mission, which calls everyone to be curious about the world, passionate about learning, and to impact their broader communities positively. The ethos of our school affirms the unique identities of students, faculty/staff, and families as we learn, grow, and develop our cultural competency together.

Today NPES demonstrates its commitment to pursuing a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community by:

  • Actively seeking to expand the school’s reach into new communities (now up to 18 different zip codes) through authentic, transparent, and inclusive marketing; new organizational partnerships; networking by faculty/staff and families; and participation in events like the Chicago-Area Independent School Diversity Job Fair and the NAIS People of Color Conference.
  • Emphasizing an experience-centered education, rich in multicultural perspectives.
  • Providing opportunities in our curriculum for students at all grades to explore their identities, develop their voices, and live their authentic truth, as we seek to offer identity mirrors and windows for all.
  • Developing a faculty culture with a shared vision for equity and inclusion, with professional  development to evolve our practice (including SEED).
  • Committing to understanding and affirming everyone’s story, building on our long-standing partnership with Single Story.
  • Partnering with Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to educate faculty/staff on best practices in supporting students’ gender-identity development, teaching students to be upstanders for non-binary identities.
  • Providing service learning opportunities for our students, who volunteer across the city to advance causes that hold meaning for them, while learning from the stories, insights, and questions of those they meet.
  • Strengthening our students’ capacity to relate to one another in meaningful ways, listening for understanding with respect and kindness before debate.
  • Modeling for students how to recognize and disrupt bias, and challenge injustice, supporting their efforts to do so.
  • Providing opportunities for students to grapple with complex world issues that enable them to explore the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society.
  • Creating purposeful spaces for leading DEI efforts, including the Diversity Action Team (DAT) for employees and the Board of Trustees DEI Committee.
  • Offering parent/caregiver education opportunities to grow cultural competence and better understand the societal context in which their children are growing up.
  • Celebrating the unique abilities, different learning styles, and characteristics of NPES students and their families, and supporting diverse types of learners.
  • Utilizing technology to achieve global reach in our community and interact meaningfully in an interconnected world.

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