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Student Life

At NPES we affirm, engage, and develop students’ intellectual growth, social-emotional well-being, self-fulfillment, and citizenship. This authentic work takes place within and beyond our academic classrooms. Student life includes joyful and meaningful participation in activities that extend learning beyond the school day, expand perspectives, create connections, spark curiosity, teach cultural competence, and promote a healthy self-concept and confidence.

Our students participate in dozens of school-sponsored clubs, and in basketball, outdoor education, service learning, field trips, and (during seventh and eighth grades) overnight travel with classmates. Every school day all students enjoy essential play and social time at lunch and recess, and our annual three-week summer camp program, Summer’s Cool, extends the benefits of student life at NPES through the month of June.

As families begin to think about their child’s life after graduation from North Park Elementary, our informed, comprehensive, and highly-effective high school placement program–managed skillfully by a senior administrator at the school–helps guide families through the process at CPS selective-enrollment schools, neighborhood schools, parochial schools, and other independent schools across the city. From Preschool 3 through 8th Grade, student life at North Park is nurtured and enriched with intention by a dedicated faculty and staff who are passionate about all children fulfilling their promise.