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Language Arts

Our language arts curriculum is focused on propagating a love of language. Teachers prioritize reading, writing, and communication skills across all subject areas and every classroom is language and literacy-rich with an emphasis on including diverse and multicultural stories that provide windows and mirrors for students.

To cultivate strong writers and communicators, our teachers begin with foundational instruction rooted in the science of reading. This explicit and systematic approach to building strong phonics knowledge allows our earliest readers to have the framework they will need to shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Additionally, we utilize a workshop approach for writing. Students build stamina, apply new specific skills, and grow in their independence in their reading and writing through this approach which allows for seamless differentiation and elevates student voice. Instruction is provided responsively in small groups and individual conferences with an emphasis on the writing process and reading both for pleasure and to gain knowledge.

See the NPES Curriculum Overview for more information.