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Core Educational Beliefs

NPES. Small school. Big impact.

  1. Students flourish when they are engaged and energized by their school and teachers
  2. All children deserve to feel safe bringing their authentic selves to their teachers and peers, knowing they belong
  3. Students learn in impactful and enduring ways when their academic studies are inquiry-based, collaborative, innovative, challenging, and fun
  4. Human beings develop a richer understanding across fields of study when they seek out and learn from multiple and diverse perspectives
  5. Students achieve success in high school and beyond when they develop flexible and creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  6. Children develop cognitive, social-emotional, and life-skills–with an appreciation for the power of the human imagination–through the study of the arts, world languages and cultures, innovation, and physical education
  7. Students are positioned to fulfill their potential when educators and parents work together to prioritize the social-emotional strength of the child, including a positive self-concept, processing and expressing their feelings in healthy ways, flexible thinking, resilience for struggle, self-care, and social conflict resolution skills.
  8. All learners benefit from neurodiverse classrooms, since considering unique points of view and interacting with a variety of thinking styles are expansive for everyone
  9. Students grow curiosity, cultural literacy, empathy, and agency in new ways through purposeful off-campus educational experiences that engender new perspectives
  10. Children thrive in their quest to develop their best selves when they seek to help their communities become more inclusive and just