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Social Studies

Social studies at NPES centers on a meaningful curriculum that helps prepare students for lives as members of a diverse global community. Connected to the National Council for the Social Studies Standards and the Social Justice Standards our teachers facilitate learning through an inquiry, skills-based curriculum, InquirED in grades K-5, and teacher created in middle school, with a focus on asking big essential questions about the world. The curriculum revisits the four strands of identity, diversity, justice, and action over the years. Teachers intentionally and carefully incorporate multiple perspectives and frame history and current events in a way that is inclusive of all stories.

At NPES, social studies learning extends beyond the classroom into the community. Student-led inquiries give learners the chance to share their discoveries with others and take informed action to make change. And, through civic engagement and service learning, students gain an understanding of their place in the community and develop a commitment to social justice.

See our Curriculum Overview for more information. Check out our kindergarten class in action during the Community Helper Study!