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At NPES, we use technology to enhance student learning. Our technology philosophy focuses on integrating technology into our 3rd-8th grade classes when appropriate, for content creation versus content consumption. We help students navigate the benefits and potential pitfalls they may encounter now and in the future.

Guided by the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) model of technology integration, we hope to instill in students the understanding of what form of technology will complete the task at hand. This includes:

  • Substituting a digital format for a paper notebook or worksheet
  • Using a note-taking app that they can type, write, draw and record parts of the lecture
  • Recording, editing, and posting a video on YouTube
  • Connecting to another class around the globe to interview them as a primary source for a paper the student is writing

Each classroom has a Promethean Board allowing teachers and students to create more interactive presentations. Starting in 3rd grade, students receive individual iPads to enhance their learning. We engage our students with digital citizenship, teach them how to care for their equipment, and make good choices for the meaningful use of technology to create.

A Message About Child Online Privacy Protection A (COPPA)

NPES is a G Suite School (Google Apps For Education) and provides students an email address and a Managed Apple ID in 3rd-8th grade. Additionally, we utilize a variety of apps and web resources. You may read more about them here.