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Our Faculty and Staff

  • Kathryn “Kat” Gates
  • Luo Wang
  • Reyna Smith
  • Laura McCammack
  • Fyona Young
  • Sarah Woltmann
  • Mary Wells
  • Nya Young
  • Morgan Tate Pippin
  • Charlise "Charli" Hurley
  • Nicole Smart
  • Aimee Schnabel
  • Lauren Russell
  • Liz Prado
  • Jami Allen
  • Melissa Payne
  • Justin Past
  • Vicki Panoutsos
  • FrankO Mansilla
  • Anna Nardulli
  • Cynthia "Cindy" Do
  • Catherine "Kat" Behling
  • Nikki Lawrence
  • Shelby Klingberg
  • Sheri Klepper
  • Rhodi Hotaling
  • Rob Hirsch
  • David Hemak
  • Tessa Forte
  • Connor Dillon
  • Rebecca Butler
  • Kristen Howe
  • Talia Blivaiss
  • Alejandro "Alex" Duran
  • Wendy Andrews
  • Zoe Ardito
  • Nicole Allen
  • Marshall Warren
  • Anne Zagotta
  • Kim Smith
  • Brad Riggs
  • Emily Friend
  • Kerry Maman
  • Erin Leyden
  • John Novick, Jr.

Nicole Allen

4th/5th Grade STEM Teacher

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Northland College – B.A. Elementary Education, Minor Environmental Education

I appreciate teaching at NPES because of our caring, curious students and the supportive community of staff and families.

Jami Allen

After Care Associate

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Southern Illinois University - B.S. Public Relations

Southern Illinois University - B.S. Interpersonal Communication

Chicago Real Estate School - Real Estate Brokers License (In progress)

Wendy Andrews

Creative Drama Teacher

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Bennington College and Northwestern University – B.S. Speech Education

I am grateful for our sense of community and how we build our community with students and families as they progress from preschool to eighth grade.

Zoe Ardito

Kindergarten Teacher

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North Park University – B.A. Early Childhood Education, Spanish Concentration

Teaching children to read is one of the greatest joys in my life. Opening up the world of literacy, broadening perspective, and inspiring kids in their own abilities is an incredible endeavor!

Catherine "Kat" Behling

2nd Grade Associate Teacher

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Columbia College-Chicago – B.A.
VanderCook College of Music (IL) – pursuing a Master’s in Music Education

Talia Blivaiss

3rd Grade Teacher

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University of Michigan – B.A. Elementary Education with Distinction
Bank Street College of Education – M.S. Education, Literacy Specialization

I love teaching third graders because their curiosity and creativity are blossoming. They have acquired the skills to think on a deep level, make connections to their own lives and the world around them, and have big ideas about how to make positive change. My favorite unit to teach is about immigration because I love watching the children make connections between the past and present. They begin to realize how their learning connects to and shapes their lives, as well.

Rebecca Butler

Auxiliary Programs Manager

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Kansas State University – B.A. Theatre
Kansas State University – M.A. Theatre

I am constantly impressed by the dedication, enthusiasm, and creativity of the teachers and staff at NPES.

Connor Dillon

4th/5th Grade Humanities Teacher

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Knox College – B.A. Elementary Education, Minor Art

Cynthia "Cindy" Do

Preschool 4 Associate Teacher

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Wellesley College - B.A. in Cognitive Science (with an Education minor)
Teachers’ College at Columbia University
- M.A. in Communication, Computing, and Technology in
Rider University
- M.A. in Educational Administration

Alejandro "Alex" Duran

Building and Grounds Specialist

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St. Augustine College - Associate's Degree in Psychology

Tessa Forte

K-3rd Grade Learning Services Teacher

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Northwestern University – B.S. Speech, Learning Disabilities Concentration
Northwestern University – M.A. in Learning Disabilities

Interacting with children and watching their personalities develop are reasons why I love teaching.

Emily Friend

Assistant Head of School

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University of Colorado – B.S. Geography & Biology
University of Illinois-Chicago – M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction

It brings me great joy to help people be creative, intentional, and innovative in their teaching. I am particularly passionate about fostering global citizenship in students through service learning and in creating equitable and affirming school spaces for all learners.

Kathryn “Kat” Gates

Middle School Learning Services Teacher

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Eastern Michigan University - B.S. in Elementary Education and Language Arts