Our students participated in Hour of Code where middle school students learned coding and taught it to the younger students.

Smiles are common in preschool as students realize that learning is fun.  Learn more about preschool...

Shining Moments provide students confidence as they show us everything they've learned.

Band members impress the audience with their talent and catchy tunes. Learn more about band...

Our core curriculum is enhanced with a full spectrum of co-curricular programs including art, creative drama, Spanish, music, and more...

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Apply to NPES

Learn about the enrollment process and requirements. Click here to register for one of our open houses, group tours, or preschool open play. The next Preschool Open Play is scheduled for October 25th! Register now!

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Get to Know Us

Our students grow into impressive and well-rounded young adults. Learn more about their education at NPES.   

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Donate to NPES

Donations further enhance the curriculum and student experience.  Donate Now.  


We are S.H.A.R.K.S!  S.H.A.R.K.S is our program to promote social awareness and responsibility among our students.  Click here to find what it means!

food for thought

Food is the theme for the 2014-2015 school year!  Learn more about how food issues will be woven into our work across grades and subject areas. 

Accepting applications

We are accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year.  For more information, visit the admissions section of our website or contact Anne, our Admissions Director.

Principal Search

A search is underway to find a new principal as Lynn plans for retirement beginning July 2015.  Stay informed of the Principal Search by clicking here.   

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Events & Announcements See full calendar

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oct 17

5-8th grade fall dance   Fri Oct 17 7:00 pm

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oct 21

breast health and you  Tues Oct 21 8:30 am

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oct 22

mad science k-3rd grade (in school)  Wed Oct 22 9:00 am 

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Oct 23

picture retakes  Thurs Oct 23 

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Oct 24

end of first quarter  Fri Oct 24

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oct 24

3-5th grade field trip to chicago symphony orchestra  Fri Oct 24 9:00 am

See full event

oct 25

8th grade field trip to north park nature center  Wed Oct 29 10:00 am

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Design your own NPES gear! Everything is customizable!

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Media check out our pictures

Who We Are


What sets NPES apart is our strong sense of community.  Here, involved parents work closely with dedicated teachers to nurture each child's full potential. Because we're a small school, your child has more opportunities to shine.  Small classes allow teachers to really get to know your child, tailoring instruction to how your student learns best.  Whether they're learning physics by dropping eggs down a 2nd floor stairwell...or re-enacting immigrants arriving at Ellis Island, our students are inspired to learn.  Your child will be, too.

  • Independent, non-sectarian school: Preschool-8th
  • Academic excellence - test scores in the top 1% of schools nationwide
  • Art, Music, Spanish, Drama, Gym, Science Olympiad
  • Graduates attend Chicago's top high schools

Contact Us

North Park Elementary School 2017 W Montrose Chicago, Illinois 60618
Phone: 773.327.3144      Fax: 773.327.0331     NPES_info@npeschool.org

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